Blog Translation: Tamura Mayu (December 9th, 2020)

The Light of 16 Members

Hello, Tamura Mayu here.

Held this December 6th, 2020, The Nogizaka 4th Generation Online Live 2020. Did you guys watch it~??

The time during the Live flew by so fast it made me a little bit sad. 

It was quite unfortunate that the first Live with a brand new 4th Generation with all 16 members was only held as an online live but there are also things that we can only do in an online live so I'm still very happy. 

I enjoyed performing all of the songs but "Influencer" where me and Kaki Haruka were the centers, and "Hakumai-sama" with Yakubo Mio, Kitagawa Yuri, and Sato Rika were the ones that were really memorable for me!  Those were really fun!~☺︎

I was really relieved when I heard that I will be the center together with my beloved Kakki for Influencer! It'll be nice if you thought we looked cool performing~♡

Before performing Hakumai-sama, I contacted Ringo-san (Matsumura Sayuri) and said that I will be performing Hakumai-sama and she was really glad about it! because of that, I definitely gave it my all and said "I'll definitely make this performance a good one!" ☺︎

How was our Hakumai-sama performance~?

Everyone was so cute, Our unit was full of happiness!
And then and then!

We performed 4th Gens new song "Out of The Blue" for the first time! It's the first song that was made for us 4th Gens with 16 members! 

The center is Hayakawa Seira and I think this song really fits her image, I really love her dazzling smile when we performing ☺︎

With that, I once again thought that it's great that Seira was the center!

I'm so glad that us 4th Gens received another wonderful song to perform! 

It'd be nice if there's another chance for us to perform again somewhere ☺︎
Sayaka said "Mayu-chan, I'll take pictures!" and then took this one. 

I'll be on BOMB which will be on sale this January 9th! 
Please check it out~♪

Thank you for reading until the end.

-Tamura Mayu (_ _).。o♡

Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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