Blog Translation: Matsuo Miyu (December 6th, 2020)

4!! Matsuo Miyu.

I'm a 2nd year highschool,

 16 year old,

Matsuo Miyu ¨̮

Do you guys know what day it is today?

That's right!

Today's the day of the 4th Gen Live! 


Today finally came!

I'm filled with excitement and nervousness! 

So much so that I feel like eyes are going to pop out of my heart! 
Well then!

Let's get back to my story shall we

Did you enjoy Nogiobis 4th Gen week?

Unfortunately, Miyumiyu here got last place at the Nogiobi Championship and done a punishment, namely #NogiBatsu (Nogi Punishment)

( ᵕ ᵕ̩̩ )

The other day, I've finally done the punishment together with Kakki, Seira-chan, and Mayutan (、._. )、


It was really *not* delicious!

It is.

But it's apparently good for the throat.

You guys should also try it! (^^)

It was so fun seeing the Amagasaki Sisters perform at such a close distance! 
Let me now provide you with information so irrelevant I doubt anyone even noticed it.

I cut my hair by about 3 centimeters.

(  ˙ỏ˙  ) Your reactions are probably like "what?"

Moving on!

『Recomen!』's "Nogizaka 4th Gen Mega Peak Festival"

will be an event where starting from December 7, we 4th Gens are going to be guests for 2 whole weeks!

By the way,
On December 9, I will be guesting together with my beloved Yuna-chan and Rei-chan.

I'll be happy if you tuned into it!

Tomorrow is~
Nao's turn〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜

Today's advent calendar chocolate was white chocolate!

Well then!

It really is today you know?

It's happenning soon (*¨*)

This may be quite quick of me, 

Seeing that it will start and end in just a few hours kinda makes me sad, 

Let us enjoy this unforgettable time together!
That concludes it! 

Let's meet again later, okay? 〜( Ꙭ )/''

That's all from Miyu ¨̮
Later, okay? ( Ꙭ )/''( Ꙭ )/''( Ꙭ )/''

Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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