Blog Translation: Matsuo Miyu (November 21st, 2020)

Happiness Colored. Matsuo Miyu

For some reason, the weather feels like it's spring.

it's warm,

and the wind blows strong.

It feels like we can get blown away unexpectedly, so let's be careful.

( ఠ͜ఠ )

I'm a 2nd year highschool,

 16 year old,

and someone who's bangs have grown longer so last night, wothout really thinking of anything, she cut her bangs with minimal force as possible, 

Matsuo Miyu.

There are parts which may seem like I cut too much but didn't really cut that much.

well, it'll grow back.

It's fine. 

٩( ᐖ )۶


Well, not just about the bangs, but I do thing that my hair really grown a lot recently. 

I am thinking of cutting it and not cutting it.

I took this after curling my hair but it didn't turn out to be that cute curls I was aiming for.

I think it's better to have them a bit farther from each other.

Oh, and I borrowed a hair iron from my sister!

Mine is still broken.

Oh, and about my broken screen, 

I was really scared that cracks would show up when I take pictures, but it's fine if I put the effort! 

My hands are a bit on the small side, so I'm thinking that a smaller phone would be nice so I won't drop it.

I'll talk about things that happened recently, okay?

Last time, I talked about how I'm weak in a cold morning and overleep right? There was someone who recommended me and app that'll definitely wake me up! 

Thank you!

I installed it, 

and it shows me how many hours I slept, 
and it wakes me up when I'm light asleep! 

It's a really kind app!

Because of that, It's been fun waking up early!

November 20th!

Sayaka-chan, Happy Birthday!

I really like how pretty "Kakehashi-chan" sounds so I call her "Kakehashi-chan" but recenly, I'm in the mood to call her Sayaka-chan (๑ت๑)

The way she cut her bangs and her hair really suits her! It's so cute! 

I hope you have a wonderful year ⸜❤︎⸝‍


✽ Myuu-chan, If you can go on a trip somewhere, where would it be?

If it's within the country, I want to go to Aomori, Okinawa, and Kyoto! 

If it's overseas, I want to go somewhere with beautiful beaches! I've also said in the past that I want to go to Italy, I also want to go to Sweden, there's lots of places I want to go so I can't really say.

✽ What were you doing earlier?

I was eating Daigaku Imo! (candied sweet potatoes)
By the way, right now, I'm eating Hoshi Imo (dried sweet potatoes)

✽ Let's say it's the last dish that you'd ever eat. would it be  yakiniku? or would it be sushi?

A hotpot. A spicy one.
I ignored the two options.

✽ I'm also quite friendly with the weather. The sun's name is Youko-san (陽子) right?

Sorry, the sun's name is Taiko-san (太子)

【T/N: Sun (Taiyou) in Japanese is written as 太陽】

✽ Please tell me how you style your hair!
I twist them near the roots and then braid them in the middle! I'll tell you again whenever I feel like changing it ( ¨̮ )

✽ Myuu-chan, how do you really react when riding a roller coaster?

( Do you Cry? Do you Scream? Do you Laugh? or Do you just sit still?)

I either Laugh or just Sit still ٩( ᐖ )۶(    •̅_•̅    )

Tomorrow is~
Nao's turn〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜

The Other day, we went to meet Paru and Marii-chan! I'm so happy we could meet them ⸜❤︎⸝‍⸜❤︎⸝‍⸜❤︎⸝‍

See you in 5 days! 
That's all from myuu ¨̮

Bye! ( Ꙭ )/''

Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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