Blog Translation: Kakehashi Sayaka (November 15th 2020)


Hello. Kakehashi Sayaka here.

Thank you for todays Online Meet & Greet.

It's 5 days early but a lot of people already greeted me a happy birthday♪

Vintage clothes I bought from Shimokitazawa.

We went to Shiraishi-sans collab cafe ♪

I ordered Autumn-colored squash and Berry Latte ^^

It was really fun as a lot of the MVs are playing in the background.

Me and Runa talked a lot about Nogizaka46 lol

Seeing Shiraishi-san perform dekopin during the rehearsals made me kinda lonely and made me cry.

It was a song I've loved eversince I was in middle school, so realizing this was gonna be the last with her in it made it painful.

I don't have the same strength Shiraishi-san showed me, so I always cry whenever I think about it (´・_・`)

And then, Nakada Kana-san.

There were a lot of times where she taught 4th Gens the steps and have her demonstrate them while we dance in the back. 

We're indebted to her a lot.

I'll do my best to perform with the same level of performance as her! 

I'll always love her warm personality, it's always full of smiles around her.

I've really learned a lot even though I'm only here for two short years.

Thank you for creating this wonderful group full of wonderful people.

Again, Congratulations on your Graduations.

Moving on, 
I'm featured on the magazine, anan!
I'm with Ranze-san on a mini bag featured article.

I really love her fashion sense, so it was a pleasure to work with her.

When asked "who's the member you want to coordinate with?", she answered that she wants to be together with me! From then, we had the opportunity to talk and discovered that we both like vintage clothing! ^^

There's already a new uniform but I look like I'm having so much fun so I'm posting it.

My hair certainly got longer huh

We 4th Gens had a group call the other day and they said I had grown so much and we laughed together with everyone lol

We continued that while playing word wolf and stayed up until 3 AM. We get along too much lol

Whenever Rei's the wolf, she still talks a lot without really caring so everyone has to go along with what she says, it was really amusing lol

I also want you guys to listen to her sometime

Nogiskits 2nd season finally started airing!

I was sad because I thought it was time to say goodbye to Saraba-san, and I was really surprised that a second season was already decided!

3rd Gens have also joined and you can't help but have fun every recording ^^

I'm really grateful for this wonderful experience.

Well then, I think that's all lol

Thank you for reading ^^
Watching the screen from the seats is way too interesting lol

Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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