Blog Translation: Shiraishi Mai (November 2nd, 2020)


I graduated from Nogizaka46 on October 28th.

With so many people watching over us and a lot of love in my heart, we were able to finish The Last Live safely. 
Thank you so much for everything.

After my graduation was postponed I was filled with anxiety at first, but I felt as if you were close to me all the time through this live.

In my first days I thought that I wasn't suited to be an idol and I wondered if there was something I could do, but after receiving many words of support from you I realized that I had to do my best.

The fun, hard and tough times are all just memories now, and I've been able to enjoy my 9 years in Nogizaka thanks to my precious members and everyone who has supported me.

I've spent 9 years of my life at Nogizaka, and it was the best time and the greatest treasure I've ever had.

Walking this path with everyone was no mistake, in the way I've received so much love that I'm not sure if it's even fine to be at this level of happiness, it helped me to grow into the Shiraishi Mai I am now.


I'm filled with gratitude.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Shiraishi Mai of Nogizaka46 for almost 9 years.

I'm glad to have been in Nogizaka!
It was fun to be in Nogizaka!
Nogizaka is the best!

Thank you for the opportunity to meet you all.


I'm going to work hard on my new path.


Thank you so, so much!

Shiraishi Mai

Translator: rororz2

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