Blog Translation: Tsutsui Ayame (October 6th, 2020)

It's that time for knitted clothing.

Tsutsui Ayame here.

Before I noticed it, it was already october.
I'm really surprised that september ended in a flash.
Whenever I go to the supermarket or convenience store, I see sweets made from sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and chestnuts lined up and I'm fighting the temptation to buy some.
Isn't the taste of autumn the best?~

The other day, we performed at 『TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL ONLINE 2020』
It's the first time where we 4th gens performed with 16 members!

We were practicing the steps with each other even just before the performance, it was a really intense moment and it became a heated and fun day! 

To everyone who watched, Thank you so much!

My grandma sent me grapes and It made me really happy

I haven't eaten any of my beloved persimmons yet and I want to hurry up and eat some.

I also want to eat Sanma!

Autumn is a season full of delicious food 

A while ago, It surprised me that every clothing I changed into are knitwear!

Around 90% of them are knitted, and they all look almost the same. but I still buy them because they're so cute! 

I really love winter so I'm looking forward to the next season! ´`*

Here's an offshot from B.L.T

Well then, 
I guess I'll end this here for today.

That's it from Tsutsui Ayame


Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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