Blog Translation: Shibata Yuna (October 16th, 2020)

 Just a bit!


This is Yuna!

I felt a need to write a blog so I'll write it ( ¨̮ )

I'm glad it's sunny today for the first time in a long time~

Sunny days feels good, don't they? (´-`)

I can't get out from my bed in winter 

Recently it's getting colder so it's getting hard for me to get up in the morning(..)

Koko-tan after a long time

Always takes a nap right there

Koko-tan is covered by the curtain

I feel like he always yawns whenever I take pictures

Apparently dogs yawn even when they're stressed 

I wonder if it's feeling like that (・・;)

I love Koko-tan's yawning

And my current home screen is also a yawning koko-tan~~

Wah, I miss him

I've always been healed by watching videos and photos of Koko-tan before work, it makes me want to do my best at work

It's cute

Today's Nogiobi starts at 17:30 JST! I'll be there!!!

It's almost there!!!

Though it's a bit early, I'd be happy if you could see it(´-`)

I cut my bangs yesterday, so they are freshly cut

Yuna is wearing her favorite outfit today.

Well, what can I say~? Lol


Online Meet & Greet this weekend as well!!

I will be there on Sunday ☺︎

I'm looking forward to talking to you all!

By all means, I will be waiting ( ¨̮ )❤︎

Film cameras are my current obsession and I've been taking a lot of pictures lately

I especially like to take pictures on the outside, like the sky and grass!!

Eh, did I post it the last time too? (・・;)

Well, just let it be!

I will write again soon~

Thank you for reading! See you

(10.16 Shibata Yuna)

Translator: Mastampans

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