Blog Translation: Matsuo Miyu (October 27th, 2020)

Cheerfully okay? Matsuo Miyu.

Right now, I'm eating sweet chestnuts.

Today is a good day.

I've noticed something recently, and that's waking up early increases my happiness,

and sleeping again is happiness.

I wonder what should I choose.


Matsuo Miyu here ¨̮

I'm a 16 year old, 2nd year highschool student.

I cut my bangs the day before yesterday.


I'll start telling my story now, okay?

onsale on the 24th,


Here are offshots.

They let me wear a uniform!

There were shots where I was playing tag inside the school, so my nervousness turned onto a smile!

Thank you so much! It was really fun!

We also went to a pretty river!
You can see a mountain from far away, there were lots of greens and blues, It was really beautiful! ˊᵕˋ

The interview was a bot different from the last, it was difficult as it was a really important topic.

It had me thinking deeply and I feel like I learned to like myself more even just a little bit. 

I would be glad if you check it out (  Ꙭ)

October 25th
Nakada Kana-san, Congratulations on your graduation!

I always admired her since my time as a Kenshūsei, I was so desperate to chase Nakada-san whom I can only see while scrolling and scrolling through the screen.

I was really happy being together with her on 『Nama no Idol ga Suki!』

There were lots if things I wanted to tell her, but I was so nervous my thoughts and my words can't keep up with each other.

She was really kind and fun to be together with, my time with her is like my treasure.

Nakada-sans words have this power where it tells you to stay true to yourself.

I'm a person who ignores the things I like, and just gives up on them.

Nakada-sans words have this power to stop you from separating from your true self.

Thank you so much.
I'll continue to admire you from now on.

I finally bought the wooden fork I wanted.

(There's also a spoon)


✽ Do you have a favorite anime back when you were still a child?

Is teletubbies an anime?

✽ Have you ever done chestnut picking?

I apparently have but I have no memories of it (´◔_◔)

✽ I'd love it if you have some drama recommendations ☺️

You know ☺️

I also want drama recommendations

✽ How do I get my bangs to flow smoothly? I'm really troubled by it ৲( °৺° )৴?? 

What's up with that kaomoji?! It's so cute!

For me, I hold my bangs with a clip with lots of small hands (They're apparently called Vans Clips) in the direction I wanted it to flow, and when I take it off after a while, it gathers my hair a little bit, so I'll get it to gather a little bit more tightly with the iron!

It's really easy if you do if you have the clips!

✽ Have you ever gone overseas?

Just once!
Now I'm feeling like wanting to ride an airplane.

✽ When do you find yourself in bliss?

That time of the night where I just go inside my futon, not thinking about anything, and just looking at the ceiling. 

✽ Do you see all the comments? Can you see this really late comment?

I see it! 
( ఠఠఠ )( ఠఠఠ ) I see it with three eyes! 
↑↑I want them to smile a little bit more.

( ఠఠ ) This one has a nice smile.

✽ What kind of hotpot do you want to eat when winter comes?


✽ Myuu-chan, what would you wish if you see a comet?

I hope I see a shooting star

Before I cut my bangs

After I cut it (Present)

Tomorrow is~
Nao's turn~~~~~

I bought a pumpkin.
I chose a big one so you can ride it after I make it into a horse-drawn carriage.

And then, 
Tomorrow is Shiraishi Mai-sans Graduation Concert.
This will be the first live where we new 4th gens are going to be together with the senpais.
My nervousness won't stop, I'm really grateful having us stand on the same stage with Shiraishi-san for the first and last time, I'll do my best and give it my all.

Thank you for reading until the end ¨̮
That's it from myuu ¨̮

Bye! ( Ꙭ )/''

Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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