Blog Translation: Matsuo Miyu (October 2nd, 2020)

0:00 while singing. Matsuo Miyu

It became October!

I love the autumn wind blowing whenever you open a window ˊᵕˋ

I'm from Chiba prefecture, 

2nd year highschool,

 16 years old,

Matsuo Miyu ¨̮

Please take care of me this month too!

I have a lot to talk about today and I'm not sure where to start, but for now, I'm just going to write whatever I felt to write.

I'll try to make some Iced cocoa.

While I'm doing that, I'll leave some pics here so you won't get bored.

Thanks for waiting!
I made some delicious iced cocoa ( ¨̮ )

That's the start of my story

First off~

All 16 4kis are gonna be performing at 『TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL ONLINE 2020』!

I'm unbelievably happy!

It's on October 4!

For us shin4kis, It's our first time to be performing songs eversince we joined nogizaka, 

Our first time performing with the 16 of us,

It's a lot of firsts for me, so I'm really excited.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

And then and then,

I think you guys already guessed this but the next one is about our light sticks!

I asked everyone around a little while ago, "What color am I?"

Blue, White, Yellow, Pink, Red, Orange, Violet, etc. 

Thank so much for colors so many you can even say that they are around the number of colors in the world.

You know, I love blue  and I also love green.

The one I came up with is something in the middle of my two favourite colors.

I never really paid attention to it, but I was inlove with these since kindergarten

With that said, my light stick colors are


It's a combination of a color I love x color I love

I'll be happy if you guys remember it!



✽Which one do you like more, Strawberry daifuku or Kinako mochi?

Without a doubt, right now it's the strawberry daifuku!

✽ Have you ever stayed up all night studying for an exam?

For all tests except math, I always cram it in a single night. I'm really no good.

✽ Where do you most want to go right now?

Somewhere very far away, like the South pole.

✽ What do you think about the surface of the moon, do you see it as a rabbit or do you see it as a crab?

It's usakoara-san (usagi/rabbit + Koala)

(not a part of her blog today but the drawing holding the violet and white balloon is usakoara-san)
✽ Is it okay to make a long comment every time?

I'll read the whole thing! It makes me really happy!
Thank you! ˊᵕˋ

(This one's the Happy Birthday song for Hayashi Runa but I left it in Japanese because it looks cuter that way (^^♪)








Happy Birthday Runa-chan (*ˊᵕˋ*)

For some reason, She's always with me whatever I do.

Her thoughts and Ideas are always so sudden, She's a great speaker, and really hardworking! 

There are so many things we want to do together, places we want to go to together.

Congratulations on your 17th birthday ( ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )

Am I the only one who feels like being 17 years old feels more adult-like?

Let's continue to have fun together! ‪‪‬٩( ᐖ )۶

Tomorrow is~

Nao's turn 〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜

The banana milk has come full circle and is back!

Her nogiobi SHOWROOM was so cute I was smiling and grinning while watching it (⸝⸝⍢⸝⸝)

hehe, she's so cute

I'll also be updating my blog this October on days ending with 2 and 7.

For those who are already enjoying their weekend, and people who are still doing their best, I hope you have a great weekend!

That's it from Myuu ¨̮

Bye! ( Ꙭ )/''


Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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