Blog Translation: Hayashi Runa (October 26th, 2020)

Otsukaresama desu. It's whose blog has disappeared, Hayashi Runa.

Thanks for your hard work today as well.

I'm Hayashi Runa, a 4th generation member of Nogizaka46.

17 years old, second year HS student from Kanagawa Prefecture

It's Hayashi Runa, the blooming seven's teen.

Don't lose, don't lose heart, Hayashi Runa! Today is another day of hard work!
(makeruna, shogeruna, Hayashi Runa! kyou mo ichinichi ganbaruna!)

This is my 37th round of the blog relay.

The rod stayed almost intact, and instead they added a bamboo tube and potato chips and those were passed around.
Kuromi-chan didn't even touch it,

Next we'll be passing around a 'halloween pumpkin'.

(sometimes the girls pass batons with words so they can add content to their blogs and make it more lively, previously hayashi passed the baton with the rod of the anime "Princess PreCure" and with that they 'tried' to answer the baton with something relevant)


Yesterday, October 25th, 2020.

Nakada Kana-san, congratulations on your graduation.

This is the first time I've seen a senpai whom I've been directly involved with graduate, 
and I'm realizing how sad I am to see her go.

On Nama no Idol I had the pleasure of working with Nakada-san for the first time.

Even though it was very difficult to get conversations and reactions in the remote way,
she tried her best to bring out the individuality of each member of the new 4th gen,
and it was a precious opportunity for the audience to get to know us.

It was an unique and peerless performance from her.

I really respect her ability to express herself as if she could just embody the lyrics and melody.

Her speech ability on Friday of Silence (沈黙の金曜日)

Is an ability that goes far beyond that of an "assistant", and I really loved to see her in ways that is not usually seen.

Thank you very much for your hard work for the last 9 years.

I hope you have a wonderful life.


Sudden. I bought a mountain parka.

Let me answer your questions.

Q. I saw Miona-san's Instagram story!
She said that she will be using the humidifier that Runa-chan gave her!

A. Yes! I'm happy!!!

Q. One last question.
Tell us about Runa's vitality these days!

A. It's the same as always, just my oshis.

Q. By the way, what was the first 'PreCure' you watched? In my case it's 'Heart catching PreCure' lol 
I'd also like to know what your favorite Precure is!

A. The first Precure I ever watched was the first in the PreCure series, 'Futari wa Precure'.

My favorite Precure' season... that's a tough one.

I think my favorite story is "Princess Precure"

And my favorite part with Seiyuus is "Kira-kira PreCure a la mode"

Fujita saki-san's CV at 'Cure Macaroon' was the best.
(Character Voice)

Q. Do you know the feeling of putting your foot into the cold futon when you get into the futon when it's cold?

A. Yes, I know.

Q. What is the best part of winter?

A. The feeling of immorality and corruption when you eat ice cream and then warm your cold body in the bath.

There is nothing better than that.

Q. Our school has remote classes two days a week but I can't help but touch my phone and other things...
Does Runapi happen to do things unintentionally like that?

A. Yes, I do.

Q. As an example, when you are told about a movie that is popular or recommended by a friend, you lose interest and don't want to see it.
What is that phenomenon called?

A. Is because you're not interested in that movie to begin with.

Q. What would be the standard anime song for you, Runapi?

A. Not for me, but for everyone in this world, I think that it should be "God knows..."

Though I had a phase when I used to sing "Lion" like crazy.

Q. The deforestation also looks good on you! Pon pon po~n
(See past blog)

A. Kobayashi Yui-san....... ?

Q. What's your motto?

A. 「The hardest thing is the distributive law.」
(Can be also said as "The hardest things can be done with the distributive law", depends of the point of view)

And it's not exactly my motto, but

「It's okay if you don't have a hundred friends, but make real friends that you can cherish as much as a hundred.」

That line is from Mikazuki Yozora's mother from "Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai"

It's been my favorite quote for the last 5 years.

Q. Do you think it's possible to wear a half-twin(like kururinpa) with short hair?

A. I think so. It's possible.

Q. I saw Runapi in my dream today.
In the ancient Japanese class I learned, "You dream about that person because that person makes you think of yourself." 
Is this the case?

A. I guess so.
Lately my oshis have not been appearing in my dreams.

True that at the waves at Suminoe's shore    Is not where I should meet you     But even at night      
住の江の        岸による波         夜さへや
Even on the road that leads to my dreams        Why do you stay out of sight?
 夢のかよひぢ             人めよくらむ

(This time I tried translating based on the original text rather than just the verse, quote from the book 古今集)

Q. Can you tell the season by it's scent, Hayashi?
Like saying "It's winter's smell!", I really admire the people who can say that ☺︎

A. I know that.
I love the smell of mid-November when it's not yet winter the best.

Q. I'm not good at smiling and paying attention to people, and I'm also the type of person who is honest with them about my feelings, what do you think of such people? 

A. What do you think about yourself?

Q. May I call you "Hayashi-rice"? I'd be honored if you could give me your permission.

A. I agree.

Q. ♪ For 1,000,000 and 2,000 years?

A. I don't love you.

(lyrics of the song 'Sousei no Aquarion', says"I've loved you for 10,000 and 2,000 years.')

Thank you for all your questions and comments.
I'm glad you like my hair. But none of you noticed the change in the bangs.
They're heavier.

Look, my vision is now a barcode.

Tomorrow is Myu-chan.
Miyu-chan, you look good with or without bangs. I'm just being honest. Please don't doubt it.
Adiós ! 
yours, sincerely
I made it to the end of the blog only to disappear once. I feel like I'm going to cry.
(I don't know the context though)

Translator: rororz2

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