Blog Translation: Tsutsui Ayame (September 4th, 2020)

It's Short!!!

Tsutsui Ayame here

It already became September hasn't it?
It has already became autumn
What "kind of autumn" do you want this years autumn to be?
For me, I want my autumn to be an "Autumn of reading"
I don't usually read books that much, so I'm thinking of reading lots this fall. 
Also, recently I've been watching a lot of movies so it's also nice if it became an autumn of movies~
It would be fun if you guys also decide on what you want to do^^

I told Mayutan the shirt she was wearing was cute and asked if it's fine if we have it in pairs and she said yes. I bought one in a flash and it already became one of my favourites ´`*

I'm featured in bis' October issue~
I got glitters in my eyes, a see-through top, and make-up and fashion I dont usually wear so please check it out! 

I'm also featured in the cover of the magazine 『Young Gangan』

Thank you so much!
Here are some offshots

I really like this room!
When I become an adult, I want to have a room filled with lots of my favourite things

Please check this one out as well ´`*

Although it became september, it's still pretty hot so make sure to take care of yourself

Until next time
Sorry this blog was a short one (/.    .\)

Tsutsui Ayame.


Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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