Blog Translation: Tamura Mayu (September 20th, 2020)

I had a dream where I got a bob hairstyle

Hello, Tamura Mayu here.

"I'm gonna have to wear long-sleeved clothes soon~" is what I'm thinking of recently. 
Around when do you guys bring out your fall/winter clothes?
Also, inside my dream, I had a bob haircut! 
It was a dream...
Even inside my dreams, as soon as I cut it, I immediately regretted it. 
I probably won't cut it short ☺︎
As I expected, long hair is the one I'm most comfortable with. 

I tied my hair in a bun ☺︎

The 3ki4ki Live stream already started on NogiDouga ♪ I was really excited about it.

Feelings like "It was really fun"~ and "That made me really nervous~" came back to me! 

How nostalgic~

I suddenly wanted to dance while watching the live video.

I'd be glad if you guys took a look at it ♪

I'm pleased to tell you that us Nogizaka46 4th gens are going to be performing at TIF2020! I'm so happy to be able to perform on that stage again together with other 4th gens just like last year ☺︎ I'm so excited~♪

For next weeks' recomen, starting at 10PM~
The actors for the main characters for the live action movie 『Eizouken ni ha te wo dasuna!』,
Saitō Asuka-san, Yamashita Mizuki-san, and Umezawa Minami-san will be guests! 

I will be joining the senpais at around 11:40PM~so please stop by (*'▽'*)

Thank you for reading until the end ☺︎

Tamura Mayu (´-`).。o♡


Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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