Blog Translation: Sakaguchi Tamami (September 8th, 2020), Hori Miona (September 12th, 2020)

Sakaguchi Tamami

Favorite time!

Sakaguchi slope climbing!
I'll climb it up once in a while.


I am 3rd Generation Sakaguchi Tamami.


Recently, I've been into making bead accessories

Up until now, You can do detailed work and sewing.
I thought I was not good at it.
( ¯•ω•¯ )

However, when I saw pictures of a girl wearing a bead ring or bracelet that I made,
It was cute that I wanted to make it ♡

As it's fun to start with,
I keep concentrating and forgetting the time.

It's my favorite time right now ٩( ¨̮ )۶


Thank you for reading

Hori Miona

Invisible Tears


It’s the release day of ar!

Did you see it?

Serial story The Fashionista of Miona

This time I would like to incorporate a lot of ‘fall and winter’ looks

It features beige!

Because it’s a coordination

that I want to imitate it right now,

please check it out (^-^)

And on the another page, I was featured (in Beige) as I am 23 years old~

Since it was ar’s 25th anniversary, I had 25 questions and answers

They featured the 23-year-old me in a special compilation~

Kanna Hashimoto’s front cover photo is really cute!

Today, we’ll be on MUSIC DAY

Because it comes out frequently

Don’t miss it〜٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

See you later

Translators: jana22sal, mastampans

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