Blog Translation: Kanagawa Saya (September 17th, 2020)

Sorry for the irregular posting〜〜


Current Kanagawa

It was cool, cool, cool, and happy when I went out recently ( ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )

The summer in Tokyo was hot, it was as hot as being near a fire, and even more humid when it rains, so it looks like I’ve been in the bath the whole time~

One thing I'm wondering about is, is it autumn now?

Ah, I’ll go back to the story again

Autumn is next to summer, and next is winter, it’s hot, then cool, and then it gets cold

If you think this way, you might like the first autumn from the four seasons!!!

Wait, this was really a refreshing answer in my history!!!!!!!

“I like autumn!!”

I used to say that I like spring, but I also like autumn!!

I like the four seasons very much!!!!!!!

“Young Gangan” is now on sale!!!!

Offshot ♪♪

Also, I enjoyed a lot of things such as wearing Yukata and clothes that I haven’t worn much during shooting!!!

Something else is the make-up I'm using is also changing bit by bit!

Please take a look at it!

The one on my bottom right just came into my house!!

It's a doll〜〜

I used to carry a pink cushion around my house all the time, always together all the time too, but since this kid (the doll) came, I’ve been using it as a body pillow and the size suits me very much ♪♪

But when I went to bed, it seemed that the upper part was a little bigger, it was painful for me so I ended up sleeping with a pink cushion lol

The doll is always around me!

That's right!

A doll came to my house!!!

I’ll be with you forever ♪♪

After entering self-quarantine, I really like cushions, dolls, and soft things and I’ve been with them all the time!!

It’s very calm, easy to live in, and happy ( ´͈ ᵕ ͈ )

Wait, I talked about this story in the previous sentence lol

That was scary~~lol

Ah!!! Recently I want glasses, unlike in the past, now I can use it for my usual lens or as a fashionable item which is great~

So, I wanna go buy it. Whenever I want to buy glasses, I have mom and dad so I’m worried if I can buy it alone lol

Since I started living alone in Tokyo, I’ve been able to go out or have a meal alone, and I’ve grown to be able to enjoy it myself!!


But, it’s more fun to go out with friends or people after all lol

You can talk (with them) as well as the time goes fast, and you’ll be happy~

Also, I often watch dramas and movies, it makes me want to act (in a film) again!!!!

I really want to play (film) again!!!!

I want to take something seriously!!

I want to act!!!!!

“Sam no koto” was really fun~

I also want to try a different role〜〜

I’d be happy if I could do it again someday~

I’ll do my best (^^)

Then excuse me (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)ゞ

See you later!!

Thank you very much


I don’t know how to end this lol



Bye bye!! Lol

Kanagawa Saya


Translator: @mastampanss

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