Blog Translation: Kakehashi Sayaka (September 8th, 2020)


Hello! Kakehashi Sayaka here.

Let me start with an announcement right off the bat.

Today, I'll be holding a one hour SHOWROOM from 8:30PM to 9:30PM ☺︎

I am planning to sing some songs while playing the guitar but it seems that Hayashi Runa-chan is planning to watch it so my nervousness got multiplied.

Please watch over me with warm eyes ☀

Please take care of me

This red one-piece is something I received from one of the 4th gens.

As for who it is, She's the one who picks up with bokes I say no matter how random. She's the funniest and oldest person within 4th gens lol

It's a perfect fit for this coming season, thank you so much! ☺︎

I like mayutan so much, she says "You really love me so much do you?" to me often and I really do.

It's quite embarrassing so please keep this a secret from mayu-chan lol

Recently, I've been into ○○hashi (a play on her name)

What kind of "hashi" do you think this is?

The answer is....

『I underwent an image-change but it doesn't really feel like it-hashi!』lol

Right now, you guys probably think

"That's too long!" or
"There's no way I could've guessed that!"

I believe you gave me retorts inside your hearts lol

This is an example of random bokes I tell mayutan ( ´-` )

And now for the second question!

What kind of hashi do you think this is?

The answer is....


This time I believe you retorted 『That's exactly what it is!』

You guys probably noticed already, but I am in high spirits today.

I'm probably the type to becomes talkative when nervous lol

If I continue to write any more, I think I'll be embarrassed with it later lol

That might be the perfect time to end it.

Thank you for reading until the end! 

For those who have spare time, let's meet at the SHOWROOM tonight! 


Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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