Blog Translation: Hori Miona (September 7th, 2020)

Lots of things〜

My recent photos with make-up

You can have them〜

Here's "black make"

For a chic look I used black eyeliner and mascara

I just added brown and gray shadows to give it an ennui look.

And also added pinkish tones with the lipstick to blush and to keep it pure.

Here’s "Autumn make"

That was from TGC

I put short false eyelashes on the corner of my eyes to make it stand up,

The eye shadow is orange and brown, for a "fall" look

and to enrich the look, brown and red (lipstick) were for my mouth.

I enjoy listening to YouTube music before going to bed

Let’s listen to various kinds of music〜!

That’s all

Translator: Mastampans

QC: rororz2

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