Blog Translation: Hayashi Runa (September 26th, 2020)

Otsukaresama desu! I answered your questions. It's Hayashi Runa.

Thanks for the hard work today as well.
It's Hayashi Runa, the (new) 4th generation member of Nogizaka46.
16 years old, 2nd-year HS student from Kanagawa Prefecture

I'm Hayashi Runa, the sixteenager that didn't bloom. 
(reference to marika-sensei's PV(hana-saku sixteen) but at the contrary)
Don't lose, don't be discouraged, Hayashi Runa! Today is another day of hard work!
(makeruna, shogeruna, Hayashi Runa! kyõ mo ichinichi ganbaruna )

This is my 31st round of the blog relay.

We're already at the 31st guys.

If you read one blog a day, there's enough blogs for an entire month.

If you think about it, we've talked quite a lot, don't you think?

So, first of all, thank you for another week of work.

Especially if you were working on this long weekend, it was three days in a row, so it has to be abnormally hard for all of you.

Some of you may be like, "I'm still in school, I'm still working, I haven't finished my week at all" even though it's Sunday right now.

It's autumn already. The cicadas won't sing anymore.

Don't get lost in the flow of time, and don't forget to hold on to your heart, so that your heart won't be left behind.

Now I'll be answering questions for today.

Ah, and also... I lied the other day(blog).
I said I didn't have any pictures of me in the sailor uniform, but I found some pictures that Rika had taken for me.




Q Please tell us about any petit incident that happened to Runa-chan recently!

A While watching Rika-Sayaka's Nekojita Showroom, in the first 20 minutes I found some murmurings on the stream. It was the worst.

Because of that, I couldn't watch it for about 30 minutes. It was the worst.

Q Please tell me about something you've learned recently!

A I learned that when you open the lid of the gum syrup, you can open it with just the tip by snapping it.

Why have I cracked my nails for this all this time?

Q I've started making games as part of my club activities!
If you were to make a game, which genre would you like to make that game in?

I'm thinking of making a shooting game!

A I would like to make a romance simulation game.

Q Do you have any songs that you listen to recently?

A Yes, I do.

Q Please let me know what you have been listening to recently!!

A If it's just recently, I've been going with the flow of "LINK" from Mio Yamazaki.

And also listening to vocaloids as always.

Q Please listen to this, I have someone that I like, but he/she likes someone else...

I'm trying to build up my confidence, but I don't feel like I can match its taste...what would you do, Kiruna-chan?

Please tell me how to build up your confidence, and also what type of person do you like!

A The way to build confidence, that's a tough question.

How about trying to focus just on yourself once in a while?
(In a positive way of egocentrism.)

We can't help but compare ourselves to others because of our doubts.
But when you compare yourself to others, you become humble, arrogant.

That's why instead of thinking, "I can't do it better than that person, it's impossible, I wanna go down the toilet."
You should think, "That person could just be more capable than me, but that's just based on my own standards." 

You can compare, but you should try to set the standard on yourself.

Don't say "that person is more _ than _", but instead try first to fix your eye on you before doing it to another person.

And about the question "What's my type of guy?"

Well, if I had to choose, I would say...
"Someone who can put their eyes white beautifully."
And no, it's not a joke, I'm not kidding.

Q How much time do you usually spend on the phone with Rika?

A That varies depending on the moment. Lately, she's been calling me up a lot of times without asking me first.

I'm glad for that.

Q What is your favorite hairstyle for a girl?

A To say the truth, I like all of them. I can't decide on just one, sorry.

But when a girl with bangs suddenly shows her forehead, I like it so much.

Q The smell of the air just before the sun sets can make it hard to breathe sometimes. Hayashi Runa-san, have you ever had an inspiration that makes you feel like it's hard to breathe recently?

A Yes I have.

Every day is a throbbing parade for me.

Q What is the thing you are most addicted to at the moment?

A Drawing omelettes.

I like omelettes so much, curry rice and hashed rice as well.
(fun fact: hashed rice it's called hayashi rice in japanese)

I would like to serve these 3 types of rice to so many people...

Q What is your recent cooking masterpiece?

A Eh, since when did I become a master chef?
You'd be surprised how unskilled I am at cooking.

To put it simply, I'm worse at cooking than I am at dancing.
(lethal then)

Oh, that reminds me...

Once I asked Rika that if Hayashi decides to live on her own, when I had prepared all the utensils and stuff, she could come cook for me.

And then she said, "I'm sure you'll bring more people with you no matter what, surely there will be about 10 toothbrushes or so at your place."

You don't have 10 toothbrushes, right? Right?

Q If you could take a one-time ride on a time machine that could take you to the past or future, where would you go?

(If you were to go back in time, you can't contact yourself or give advice.)

A If I could go back in time I'd like to say, "It was a hell of a fun summer. But I have to go back to the future."

Q Yay!

Why do you close with an "Adios!!" at the end?

Can't you just use another word?

A Yay!

(t/n: "adios" it's  "goodbye" in spanish)

Thanks for all the comments.

I'll try to do it again next time, so please keep it up with the comments.


I was complimented a lot with the maki-maki photos from the past blog, and there were more pics than those.


September 23rd. 

Terada Ranze-san, Happy birthday!!!

I love Ranze-san's fashion sense and vocabulary, her artistic style has always fascinated me.

Her actions are not just to inspire me, but to touch others' hearts.

Each word that comes out of her mouth is like a proverb to me, it's a part of me.

I'm so happy to see her exceptional sense of humor closely, and I want to be a strong person with a will like her.

I'll send you my wishes for you to have a wonderful year with telekinesis!


Tomorrow is Myu-chan.

Miyu sent me a picture of her hair yesterday and it was so cute~


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