Blog Translation: Endo Sakura (September 14th, 2020)

It was September before I even noticed it~

Endō Sakura here.


It's September! Autumn is finally here~

Recently, it's getting cooler and more comfortable at night.

There are a lot of books I'm interested in, and there are a lot of books waiting for me to read at home. This years autumn is gonna be "Autumn of reading!" ~I'm so happy~ is the thought that comes into my mind as I open another book.

Within a few minutes into reading, I found myself being drowsy and before I knew it, I fell asleep.

I think it's gonna be an "Autumn of sleeping"

but there's a lot of delicious food served during fall so I also like it to be an "Autumn of appetite" ☺︎

What kind of 'autumn' will you guys be having?

Well then, 

We performed at the FNS Kayōsai, and THE MUSIC DAY just the other day.
Thank you so much! 

Other than Route 246, I also participated in performing 『SWEET 19 BLUES』

It was great to be able to perform as the 『Onaidoshi Sannin!』(Same-age trio)

This song has been stuck inside my head evensince we started practicing it, and now I listen to it all the time.

The new costumes also look wonderful!
Every detail is really beautiful, so when I put it on, I can't help but stare at it.

For the start of september, 
I was chosen as a model for TGC-san.

As there were no audience, I was a bit sad that I couldn't hear your voices or see your faces, but a lot of the comments on my blogs were your impressions, I was able to see them perfectly!

I'm really happy, Thank you so much! ☺︎

Zebra patterns!
It looks fresh~

It feels cool, and I like ot because I don't usually get to wear clothes like this.

Backstage, It's not even a joke and I'm seriously so nervous I feel like my heart is going to come out.

I'm glad TGC-san always prepares drinks everytime.

Thank you very much!

Here are some announcements

I will be featured on Shounen Sundays cover.
Thank you so much (..)

I enjoyed it so much, It was as if I was at home and a very relaxing shoot.

It will be released on Wednesday, September 16, so please check it out!

non-no will also be onsale this day so please take a look at that as well.

Also, I'm also featured as the cover for B.L.T.
I'm really grateful.

The day of this shoot was so hot! This year, I wasn't really able to feel 'summer' that much, so I savored it during this shoot.

Tsutsui Ayame-chan is also featured~~

It will be on-sale on Thursday, September 24.
Please look forward to it ☺

Nikkei Entertainment is also on-sale on September 17th.

It's the Nogizaka Special ☺︎
Please check this one out as well.

My bangs grow fast.

I took this picture at the end of the shoot.
My nails are green. They look really cute ☺︎

Until next time!

Endō Sakura


Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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