Blog Translation: Tamura Mayu (August 2nd, 2020)

The song of Cicadas

Hello, Tamura Mayu here.

It became August and you can now hear the cicadas sing... It started at around July I think?

I first heard them in August.

When you hear the cicadas it usually means that it's summer right? Do you guys like summer?

There are a lot of events for summer so I like it.

but still, 

 I don't like that it's hot and there are many insects which I'm not fond of...

I just want to skip summer and go straight into autumn.

('▽') Shakiiin! (These are Captain Yuris sound effects from Nogiskits lol)
[12:38 AM]
I was reading blogs the other day and I was mentioned on Shiori-chans blog!

I got secretly happy ♪

Tamura is doing fine~

This pic was taken last year~

I can't wait to be able to cuddle with her soon (´꒳`)

Recently, I've decided that I'll start to get into reading books and bought a couple~

If you have any recommendations, please write it down on the comments section!

I'd be glad if you can recommend me some ('▽')

On this day I tried to put eyeliner just a little bit longer than usual ('▽')

There are also days where I don't want to put them like this and there are days where I want to put them like this ♪

Whenever it's summer, It really makes me watch a horror movie (*´-`)

Recently, whenever night falls, I'll go watch a horror movie and enjoy it by myself.

Do you guys like horror movies?
[12:39 AM]
You're really supposed to watch it with someone else so it's more fun but a lot of my friends doesn't like horror so no one wants to watch them with me (T ^ T) This makes me sad.

If there's a fellow member who is reading this blog and likes horror, I'd love to watch one with you! ♪

My manager drew a portrait of me ♡

She also drew the mole under my eye ( ◠‿◠ )

On Monday, August 3, Us 4th gens are going to be performing at premiere Melodix!

It's the first time that only the 4th gens are going to perform at a music show.

I got nervous but it was really fun! ♪

Please watch it~

Thank you for reading until the end (´꒳`)

Well then~

-Tamura Mayu

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