Blog Translation: Seimiya Rei, Ito Riria (August 27th, 2020)

Keep smiling all the time okay~

It's Seimiya Rei from the 4th gen.

Listening to Mori Nana's singing of [Smile] cheers me up☺

It's a commercial song!

I love the lyrics (*´ `)

There are so many things that I like about it, 

but my favorite is that she can smile so well! 

It's in these kind of situations when you need to work hard and smile all the time. 

You can't be perfect, so you should smile... unless you're a kid.

For that!

It makes me feel like "yosh, I'll do my best!" 

You should listen to the full version.


And... Platinum FLASH is now on sale!

There I was eating watermelon.

Was my dream to take a bite of a whole one☺

And I wore a yukata~

I found a carp in the pond.
and the garden was so beautiful.

I was even with an Uchiwa (traditional japanese handheld fan, the blue one that's down there)
It's summer isn't it~!

The session was at the end of July, so I got an early birthday cake.
It was really, really good. It was the best cake I've ever had in my life.
It was a chocolate cake, but it had pistachio cream and crunchy chocolate cookies.
I can't wait to taste it again~

I was given the chance to wear that retro one-piece dress ♡

To say the truth, the designer of this costume is the same who was in charge for the ones from the MV of [I see...] and as well of the ones for the interviews and events from [Saru ni au].

She/he's so funny, friendly, easy to talk to, and very kind!
I hope we can work together again ♪

So this time it's going to be like that (' ᵕ ' )

I'll be appearing in [bis] and [EX taishu] in September, so please stay tuned.



Yukata for a summer festival that never comes.

Good evening, everyone!

It's Ito Riria(*・∀・*)ノ 

Since it's the end of August I feel that time has gone by too fast, but it's still very hot even though it's almost autumn.

Basically I'm not the type of person who doesn't get affected by the summer heat, but I don't like it anyways, so I have to spend most of my time at home!

That's why when I meet people, they ask me if I've turned white or if my hair has gotten longer haha

Last summer my hair length went from around my shoulders to an impressive long one.
Looking at last year's photos, I'm surprised at how fast it grew lol

And I have the honor of being on the back cover of [Up to Boy]!

I'm so happy to be on the back cover! I'll do my best to be on the front cover someday.

Kubo-chan on the front is also beautiful, so please check it out!

As for the content of the shoot, we had the photos taken in a Summer-ish, natural way in a yukata and school uniform that you could see on the back cover.

I was given a watermelon for the session and it was so delicious〜(´ ∀ `*)

When I think of yukata, I imagine a festival in my mind!
I don't like crowds of people, but I like festivals, and I like going around to the food stalls and shooting games, scooping super balls, and ring tossing! I also like to play the yo-yo. It's like gradually the end of summer is getting closer.

I couldn't go to one this year. I hope that I could be able to go one the next year...

I'm going to have a individual broadcast [Ririmani] on SHOWROOM this week.

I'll be looking for topics to talk about and questions you'd like answered here in the comments section, so please send them ( ¯﹀¯ )♡

I'll try my best to make it official!

Now I'm into the game [Fall Guys] and I've been watching live streams of it and also trying to do it myself!

I also like to watch horror game videos. I don't like horror games so I can't play them, but it's fun to watch people play them! I wonder why~? lol

That's enough for today!

Well, well, well!

I hope that I could help you have a pleasant life.


Translator: rororz2

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