Blog Translation: Seimiya Rei (August 7th, 2020)


4th Gens Seimiya Rei here

It's finally summer vacation!!!
Do you guys have any plans for summer?

My plan is to go to sleep at around 11PM and then wake up at 8AM to take a morning walk but what happened everyday is I go to bed pretty late and then wake up at noon. ( .. )
This is hopeless...

Hello, I'm Rei from the mirror


Oh my!
Us 4th gens are going to be performing at CDTV Live! Live! next monday! ☀︎

The 11 of us will be performing 『I see...』
This song is really fun to dance to, and I hope everyone watching it enjoys it as much as I do!

It's on August 10 and a 4-hour special starting at 7PM!

Also, Saku-chan and Ayamen wished me a happy birthday while work!
Thank you (*´`)♡

Tomorrow is Kakki and Yuri-chans birthday! 
We gotta celebrate! ( ¨̮ )

Moving on, 
If there's anyone who knows a lot about earphones, I'd like to know, I'm looking for wireless earphones right now ☺︎.
I prefer one that is completely wireless, in-ear earbuds with high sound quality
I listen to a lot of pop music, so I'm looking for something good with mid to high range tones.

That's that

Currently, I really want a Soba-kun stuffed toy ('ᵕ' )
I want it so bad that I used it as the title. It even showed up in my dreams. 

What should I do? ...

Forehead Reveal


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