Blog Translation: Matsuo Miyu (August 3rd, 2020)

With the blazing sun. Matsuo Miyu

The weather has been beautiful ¨̮

I'm from Chiba prefecture, a 16 year old 2nd year highschooler

Matsuo Miyu

It's already August.

Augusts' first day is ofcourse,
Rei-chans birthday!

Again, Happy Birthday Rei! ☺︎‬

August came in together with Rei-chans bright and shining smile 

even the sky got into a good mood ^^


I wonder what I'm looking at (´◔_◔)

The other day, I watched Hinatazaka46s' 

「HINATAZAKA46 Live Online,YES!with YOU!〜22 people music brigade and their eccentric friends!~」

It was exciting, like a story from the beginning!

It was overflowing with happiness 

The bright, joyful smiles of the three new 3rd gens also made me really happy ☺︎

Mikuni-chan, Marii-chan, Haruyo-chan

| ᐕ)⁾⁾

Mikuni-chan, Marii-chan, Paru (Haruyos nickname)

They were reaaally cute (ˊᵕˋ)

The production for「Kitsune」 is so cool and magical that I keep thinking about it!

Thank you for giving us a wonderful time ☺︎
[3:38 AM]

Here's a pic from last year (•ᴗ•)

I can't wait  to take a photo this close again with everyone 

Do you know what day it is today?

It seems like today is "Honey day"

8 is read as Hachi 3 is read as mitsu (Hachimitsu means honey)


٩( ᐖ )۶

But that's not all

Today is also Runa-chans first Nogiobi showroom ¨̮


I'm so excited ☺︎‬‪‪☺︎‬‪‪☺︎

I'll reply to some comments

✽What do you think of us people who plants mini tomatoes in a planter?


✽When watching a fireworks show, do you prefer to look at it from below? or do you prefer it from the side?

I want to watch it from above

✽What would you do if you suddenly became a demon?

I want to stab things (⃔ ・ᴗ・ )⃕↝‬

✽Is there something you'd always end up buying at a summer festival?

I'll go to the superball scoop stall

and candy

I ended up late with this comment but...

✽Did it reach you even if it was a bit late?

Ofcourse!!!! ˊᵕˋ

✽Myuu-chan, have you seen (Satō) Rika-chans blog?

Hello, I'm myuu-chan ☺︎‬
[3:38 AM]
I'm trying to come up with a nickname for Rika, and I want it so that I'm the only one who calls her that.

I've been thinking about it a lot.

But it's been in my mind for about half a century now,

I've had this urge to say 「I want to call you Rika」

Myuu-chan also wants to call you 「Rika」(¨)

By the way, I asked (Masumoto) Kira-chan on suggestions for a good nickname and said

「Isn't "mom" good enough?」

What do you think about being called "mom"? 

And then I thought of something good. Isn't "Rikatan" cute? | ᐕ)⁾⁾

Well then, tomorrow is (Yumiki) Naos turn~


You know, I found a cute but questionable caterpillar stuffed toy and

I'm sure Nao will say

「What's that? ~That doesn't look cute at all~」

But I'm sure it's cute


It was myuu ¨̮

Bye! ( Ꙭ )/''


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