Blog Translation: Kubo Shiori (August 8th, 2020)

The world that we can see with our eyes closed / 目を閉じて見える世界

Hello, everyone
it's Kubo Shiori.

It's August,
the heat is getting serious.
Even though every year summer comes and goes, 
I've forgotten how hot it was last year,
I'm looking forward to this summer.

We have a lot of members with birthdays in August,
it's a very happy month, isn't it?
Today is Kaki Haruka's and Kitagawa Yuri's birthday. Happy birthday!!
They're both the same age☺︎

Well then, here's some information for today~

After this, at 17:30~
on Showroom,
I'll be in a solo broadcast☺︎
Let me tell you in advance that I have nothing to inform or announce! Please understand.

If you have the time, let's talk about something else together☺︎
I'll be waiting for you to come☺︎

Ume, congratulations on your photobook!
So happy~
somehow I'm very happy about it!

I like how we spent a lot of time thinking about the same things, and I like how we even spent a lot just worrying about them.
I love every single word you say.

I can't wait for the release!
Seriously, congratulations☺

Since the moment you said "This should be posted on Minami's blog!", 
this picture was carefully shelved and unloaded.
I've been waiting for this day☺︎


Released on August 21st at "Up to boy"
My first time being solo in a magazine cover.
Thank you very much.

It's been almost three years since I've done a solo session.
I was a little nervous, but the unchanged atmosphere made me feel at ease.
I'm looking forward to seeing which of my photos will be on the cover.☺︎
I also received some nice words from them there.
I learned on that day that the more the time we don't get to see each other,
the more I'm looking forward to the day we'd meet again. There's still more of it.
Let's keep growing until the day we meet again.
Please wait a while longer for the release of the magazine.
Thanks for your support.

    sent from Yamagata,
    peeling on the porch,
    boiling them in a big pot,
    and then eating them just like that」
I wonder why those moments remain in my memory vividly.
My sister liked corn very much☺︎

August 29th.
At the home-base of the Northeastern Rakuten Golden Eagles, in Rakuten Seimei Park of Miyagi,
I was allowed to play the first pitch.

Thank you so much for the chance.
Until the big day, I was very nervous and anxious all the time.
But I'm so happy to see my family so happy.
I think I have enjoyed it too.
I've always been really bad with these ball games...
But even though I was full of concerns, I practiced as much as I could before the game.

Also, to commemorate the opening ceremony, 
my, Kubo Shiori's「MyHERO towel」was announced to be released.
I couldn't hide my surprise...
thank you so much.
I have a bunch of MyHERO towels too.
I never imagined that you would release a towel with my name on it.
I'm a very happy person.
Thank you so much.

「Kubo Shiori」and「Kubo-chan」
2 types of them were made.
I'm ashamedly grateful...
They are now on sale at the Rakuten Eagles online shop, so please check them.

at Tokyo station, 「Grand-star Tokyo 」,
the first shop of Sanzen in Tokyo has opened☺︎
A new product called "hagi no chou  white twinkle" is also available here.
To celebrate the opening of the store, we're going to release the "Nogizaka46 Kubo Shiori's travel guide to Miyagi" Hagi no Tsuki SP package 2020, exclusively for the online shop!

Thank you so much.
I was so happy to hear that so many people lined up for the special package of Hagi no Tsuki two years ago when it was done.
Even now I can still see it displayed in my home and at my parents' home, as a local from Miyagi Prefecture, it was a nice experience.
I didn't think that you would be able to sell it again this year in a new form, so I'm really happy to see you doing this.
Thank you.

One of my local friends told me, "It's really fun to see this because you can learn about places and charms of Miyagi Prefecture that you don't even know." I was so happy to hear that.
I want to continue telling the country about the charm of my beloved hometown.

We are accepting orders at our online shop until August 25th.
Thank you very much for your support.

I am very happy to be able to work in this area and get involved with my hometown.
I''d be really surprised if I could tell this to my local self when I wasn't doing anything yet.

I still have some things I want to achieve in my hometown, and I hope to make them happen one day.
When that time comes, I'm sure you all will see it.
I'll do my best.

I've been having trouble with my cellphone and I have been unable to take pictures of it, so I'm trying to endure it.
I've got to do something about it as soon as possible.

"The music supports me"
this day I felt like that.
When you listen new music,
hear it till you get tired all the time.
Listening to your old favorites,
it will bring back memories.
When I heard that song being played,
the other day I unconsciously cried.
That's just a fraction of the power of music
I don't know if I've noticed the difference,
of that wonderful thing that supported me
that fulled me with happiness,
happiness to have a song you can embrace.

I'll see you again

I'll write more another time~

Kubo Shiori

The air has a fragrance 
The air has a temperature
The air has a sound

And then, this morning,
I just found out that the air also has a weight,
Thought it may be based only with the time of the day, or the season of the year I'm now.

After all these 19 years,
I am very happy to see that there are still new things to realize from those things that seems "natural" to me.

There is still a world that cannot be seen with our eyes. And just by thinking that, don't you want to look forward to live the future a little bit more?

Translator: rororz2
I'm sorry if there's any mistranslations.

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