Blog Translation: Kakehashi Sayaka (August 22nd, 2020)

Lapis Lazuli


Kakehashi Sayaka here.

The end of August is just around the corner, so I've been doing my summer homework not just at home, but I've been doing it at Nogi Skits and Nep Leagues dressing rooms... and whenever I have free time during my breaks.

I finished it last night without any problems...

while I was being rushed by Yuna-chan, who was at the same time remotely watching movies (lol)

And just like that the last summer of my High School life will be almost over at the blink of an eye, but...
this year, we were given the opportunity to perform at CDTV Live! Live! and I think this will be an unforgettable summer!

I was saying "The stage and special effects are so amazing!" to Kaki all the way up until the last minute of the performance (lol)

It was one of the most valuable and exciting experiences I've had in a while! 

Moving on, I'm going to do the main part of this blog, the reply corner (lol)

① Have you read Yoda-san's blog? She said "At the back cover is Kakehashi Sayaka-chan"! 
(at the "Up to boy" magazine Yoda is on the front cover and Sayaka is on the back)

I read it!

I'm so happy to see my name on Yoda-san's blog, a blog I've been reading for a long time!

② Mio-chan wrote on her blog that the words you gave her really made her happy~!

It also made me really happy when I read it.

The most of the time Yakubo gives me happy words like that☺︎

③ Can I write and send you lots of letters?

I'd really appreciate that because I love to read letters (´ー`)

④ The "Nya-nya" dance of yours at the part of 「Sutto aitakatta kedo」was cute☺︎

That someone surprisingly could notice that at「I see...」me and Ayame-chan were dancing with nya-nya's shows that is a really attentive person.

Please don't mind the shaggy look of my hair haha
⑤Do you have any songs that you're listening to recently...?
living/sloppy dim
BLUE feat. kojikoji/LUCKY TAPES
If it were from Nogizaka46, it'd be Route246!
I'll wait in front of the TV for 30 minutes before the singing show, bouncing over and over for the wait haha

I was also impressed by Takayama-san's ability to express herself.
That's all!
Not much?
I'm still waiting for your questions(^^)/
Oh, yeah, yeah.
There was one thing I wanted to say.
I was reading Hayashi's blog. It said that the name of the duo Hayashi Runa and Sato Rika was still undecided.
I'll give you my opinion, I like the combination name "Ruri"! lol
(Has the kanji "ru" from runa and the "ri" from rika, together means Lapis lazuli, the same as the title)
They are my favorite duo, so I thought it should be a beautiful name☺︎
Please consider this, both of you haha
It's supossed to be something like this.
It was loose, but...

Thank you for reading all the way through!

I've been working a lot lately, and I've been thinking a lot at work
there I found that Miona is really funny lol
I think she's cute, funny and a genius.
Saraba seishun no Hikari's joke at "Wednesday's Downtown" was so funny too!
Higashi Bukuro's role in "Gal's repayment" that was shown on "Nogizaka skits" was also really amusing haha
See you soon☺

Translator: Sushi_xyrus46, rororz2

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