Blog Translation: Endo Sakura (August 16th, 2020)


This is Endo Sakura.


It's August and it's gotten so hot that started to I hate going outside (..)

It's hot!

Has everyone already done anything summer-like?

Have I done anything summer-like?


If it's something recent, I've been putting sunscreen on and getting excited because now I smell like summer

And then I...

That's it! 

I ate shaved ice~

I shaved it myself using a snow cone machine but I really haven't used one in a while so I got excited about that too ☺︎

At that time, I think I put condensed milk on it

It was delicious~

That's it for my August! 

Rei-chan, Yuri, Kakki, Mio-chan and Rika-chan,

Happy birthday~!

There are a lot of birthdays in August~ ☺︎

Especially Rei who has that face that shows that she's born on August 1, Summer! She's really cute.

Soon it's also gonna be Seira's Birthday!

Happy Birthday again to everyone!

I wish you a wonderful year!

We also have performed on many music shows.

Ongaku no Hi, Shibuya no oto, Music Station, HEY! HEY! NEO, CDTV Live! Live!, UtaCon, MelodiX, and MUSIC FAIR, 

Thank you very much! 

[6:06 AM]

It's so fresh, with outfits and hair that we've never had before!

For MelodiX and CDTV Live! Live!, we've performed I see...!

Because only us 4th gens are performing, The nervousness and excitement we felt was different than usual, but it really became an important yet really fun time for us (..)

Just by having lots of people listen to it really makes us happy. I hope you can feel the 4th gen-ish fun atmosphere! 

Thank you!

I was thinking about what to write while I was looking at the blog comments and I was getting a lot of feedback on Nogizaka 46 Hour TV's Denshindai, which makes me so happy~ ☺︎

All of them were filled with warmth, I was going hehehe while reading them, thank you ☺︎

There was a lot of feedback about Nogizaka Skits, too.

[6:06 AM]

I'm getting more and more comfortable with Saraba-san and I'm really happy.

I'm doing my best in Skits that I participate in and I hope you could all watch me warmly.

This week's episode is gonna be broadcasted soon!

Please watch it! (^^)

I've gotten some questions, so I'll answer a few!

◎What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you say "summer"?


◎What do you want to eat in summer?


◎From all the food you've eaten recently, which one is the most delicious?

Candied Sweet Potatoes! I've eaten delicious ones~

◎What has made you happy lately?

While I was taking a walk, I happened to meet a baby and he stared at me.

◎Have you been in touch with any of the 4th gens lately?

Mio-chan ☺︎

I contacted her to greet her a Happy birthday

◎What is your favorite time of the day?

That quiet time around 11pm.

◎I'll study hard until I'm able to meet you! 

Yeah! Let's both do our best! 

◎Do you read the fan letters?

Ofcourse! I'm reading it!

Thank you for everything 

I'll be ending it here!

It's hot, so I'm mostly inside the house with my hair tied up.

Normally, I would have already turned on the air conditioner, but It suddenly doesn't work until recently.

It finally worked yesterday or the day before yesterday.

The hot days will most likely continue, so please take care of your body by staying hydrated ☺︎

Until then!

Endo Sakura


Translator: sushi_xyrus46


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