Vote for what you want to see translated! Results are in!

We are having some trouble deciding what to work on next, so please help us decide. The team put together a list of unsubbed material that we found interesting, and we decided to create another poll where the people that follow us get to decide.

Read the survey/poll for more information, and if something you really wanted to see translated didn't make our list, feel free to leave a comment, message us on social media, or send us an email, and we might just add it :)

Voting has finished! The results are:

963 responses

1st - Nogizaka 46 Hour TV - 3rd Gen Athletic Queen Competition (638)

2nd - 3 Members on a Journey - Shiraishi, Matsumura, and Wakatsuki (454)

3rd - Nogizaka46 Hour TV - 4th Gen Let's Make a Candy House Together! (390)

4th - 3 Members on a Journey - Nishino, Sakurai, and Shinuchi (351)

5th - NOGIBINGO!8 Bonus - 3rd Gen Lunch Party (337)

Thank you to everyone that participated! We will begin working on 1st place and then make our way down the list!

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