Blog Translation: Kubo Shiori (July 15th, 2020)

Kubo, now 19 years old.

Hello everyone.

I'm Kubo Shiori.

I've turned 19 y/o yesterday.

Thank you very much for your heartwarming encouragement and support.

I had received so many calls and messages from the moment the day started, and that made me very happy.

Seniors, classmates, and juniors.
To everyone who have helped me in my work, I would like to thank you all.
My heart was warmed by your messages.

I realized again that I'm supported by so many people.

I'm filled with gratitude.

I joined this group when I was 15 years old and in the third year of junior high school... so I can't really feel that I've turned 19 years old. 
I was so surprised with it, I was like 「already?」
So I think we should properly live our lives in order not to be left behind by the speed of time.

My year as an 18-year-old has been a fulfilling year with various experiences, but I had the feeling that the time seems to have passed very slowly.
Maybe that's because each and every experience that brings me to where I am today were precious for me.

I've seen people of my age working hard in sports and studies, and playing an active role in society.
That's so cool. I'll do my best too.

Before I realized, I was also close to becoming an adult.
It was also the year I graduated from high school and took my first steps into the workforce.
Seeing high school students in their uniforms passing by, I have often have been thinking of another life.
But now I sincerely believe that my that my life is only to live in this place.

When I became part of Nogizaka46, I met a person I couldn't never known before, and I found someone more important than me.

Someday, I sincerely hope I'll be strong enough to protect that existence.

I want to prepare for that before I become an adult.

I'm 19, I wanna laugh.

Happiness and hardships.

I accept the reality that comes in life as much as anyone else, but I feel like I'm turning away from it.
I still want to keep smiling.

I have caused you much worries until now, so this new year I would like to color my life so that I can show you many smiles.

and then, I'd like to make the meaning of my life, my 「dream (夢)」, come true.

Through my individual activities, I would like to repay the gratitude to Nogizaka46, 
who taught me how wonderful it is to have a dream.

Although I'm still inexperienced and lacking in many things, I want to move forward toward adulthood in my last teenage years, without being too cautious, but with boldness and enthusiasm.

To those who always support me, thank you very much for your kindness.
I haven't been able to meet you yet, but the next time I see you, please allow me to express my gratitude in person. (at handshakes)

I'll be hard on myself during the time I'm here, so that I can continue to improve.
But everyone wanted me to live as I am.
I won't forget that, and I will live my life as I am.

May I've said it a lot of times, but I am truly blessed to meet people.
I'm so grateful to all the people I've met here.
Now I know that there is someone who is happy for my dream as if it were his own.

I don't know if I've ever been so happy.
I'm truly grateful to the people who support me, and I could meet them only by being here.

Thank you for all the support.☺

Let's see what this year is going to bring.

Whenever I met her, whenever I talked to her, she always was honest.

That's why every word she said made me really happy and encouraged me in my activities.

Nakada Kana-san has announced her graduation.
From the day we first talked, the memories of the conversations with you are still vivid in my mind.
the words you gave me at the end of the 3rd and 4th gen live, 
the words you gave me at the end of Nogidan's rehearsal too, 
and also at the other day, the magic words you gave me after the recording...

She's a truly wonderful woman with a lot of weight in her words and actions.
I'm going to miss her, but I'll treasure the time I've spent with her.☺

I'll be looking forward to your support. ☺︎︎

I've just realized that the years that Under Construction has been completed are more and more every time.

There's a possibility that one day I won't be able to see it completed again.

That's why I have to live every day with care.

That was the last day with 18 years.

I'll write again.
Kubo Shiori.

My goal for this year is:「I want to be responsible」

I've always been somewhat absent from responsibility. 
On my days at the junior high school, I remember being scolded by my counselor for this point many times.
But now, I have been touched by the love of the group, and as a member of this group, I will not be ashamed of being a member of it, and I want to work with a sense of responsibility.

I am grateful to all the people who support us, and to Nogizaka46 for making me think about it.

Since the beginning and also from now on, thank you for your continuous support. 
(yes, she repeat it a lot)

Translator: rororz2

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