Blog Translation: Umezawa Minami (July 21st, 2020)

Seems that I'm a moody person that changes the answers at the same time it takes me to think about it.


This is a muscat that we get in a location.

in my house there's always a lot of fruits,
eating until full with these is the best...

Everyday I wake up looking forward to the fruit at breakfast.

My favorite till now is probably the muscat 🔆

And then!
The release date of the DVD and Blu-ray of「Eizouken ni wa te wo dasu na!」is decided to be on September 16th!
it's on sale right before the movie,
please be prepared for the film and enjoy Eizouken at the cinemas even more ✌︎

It's going to include visual commentary and much more, so please visit the official website for more info!

This is how I usually curl my hair right before work.

Especially now that I often wear masks... 
because of that my bangs get wet and flat, curlers are a must-have for me.

I can either flow the bangs or fix them, which would be the best...

It has been always up to my mood, so, which one do you prefer( '-' )?

It feels like, you know, gradually...
more and more moles are growing on my face.

Now I have more time to think about that things!

I feel a little more optimistic and strong than when I was younger!
"It's because I love myself!"
I wish to be an adult who can say it proudly, but I just can't say that yet.
I'm still not quite at the level of my ideal self but I like the person I am now more than the one I was before 🔆

It's a big step!
There are many times when I feel impatient with the clock ticking away, but with time and experience,
 it's clear that I am changing in some way, even if it's only a small step at a time ✌︎︎

It's going to take some time, though...( '-' )

I don't know why my feelings changed, but I started to want to keep myself being cheerful.
Smiling may be a contagious thing.
It's because this is the season that I feel this way.

I think we are often influenced by words we hear or see without realizing it.
I wanna be a person who is aware of such things~

And I'm already at the age of 22.
Every time a day goes by, I feel like that.
The weight of time, which is different from the old days, is amazing. (lol)

There are many people's lives, and I can't help but compare mine to someone else's. 
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I think it's natural to feel insecure 
because there's no such previous happenings in my own life ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎🔆

Anyway, now,
I can't wait to meet you all!

I want to meet so many people, 
talk to so many different people, 
and make my days even more spectacular!
I'm going to be patient for a little longer.

I'll send you a smile from the distance, so please take it!

Did you watch Nogi-chuu yesterday?
It's about inner mimicries,
I really love this one so much!
We had a great time at the recording!

Wait eagerly for the next week!

Saa~! let's do our best tomorrow too!

sorry for uploading so many pictures of myself...

I can't wait to be giggling,
then fill up the camera's screen with everyone,
and to hold the camera up with smiles on our faces.

I'll see you soon.

I'll update this again.

I hope everyone to be happy

Translator: rororz2

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