Blog Translation: Terada Ranze (July 7th, 2020)

It’s a period.









Recently I couldn't open my mailbox


all because my phone capacity is full.




The blog I had been writing back then is gone.


as I thought, you must act on the spur of the moment,


and my phone taught me that I should do it without any hesitation.






If you won't see any blogs or mobames from me


you can guess that Ranze's phone capacity is full again.








I've also organized the pictures,


and I've cleaned up my apps too~


I feel way better when I clean my phone~.






The mailbox is clean too


so I can send mobames again.








In the early days when I started with Mobame,


there was no better place for meet us than here


at those times I was like “Here’s this me, I'm here!”


I wanted you to find me.






I've sent a ridiculous number of emails in just one day…






I'm not a fan of selfies and such, but,


I love writing.






And then, a chance appeared


and I was given the chance for writing articles for years


the news can't stop once they start.






In these times


It's getting harder and harder to meet someone in person.


Maybe it's frustration because the situations have changed,


but I miss the past.




I hope you'll read and listen to my words and enjoy them, even if just for an instant.




I want to do that again~




and with that said!


I haven't decided how many extra mailings


I'm going to send tomorrow.…!




this is all I can think!


I'll email you later!






If you'd like, please go out with me.😄


We could meet tomorrow.


please go out with me!! 😄






Even after all these years


Each connection is important.


I want to treasure them.😄






Well, see you tomorrow.


I'll wait for those mails! 






today is Tanabata!


See you all tomorrow via email. 😄










Translator: Rororz2

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