Blog Translation: Seimiya Rei (July 18th, 2020)

How about short bangs?

It's Seimiya Rei

I tried to do a hairstyle that I don't usually do in commemoration◡*.。

It's the rainy season~~

It rains every day ( .. )

How is everyone doing?
I stay at home watching movies and dramas ♪

Also, I love the comedies directed by Fukuda Yuichi, and I've been re-watching his old movies (^-^)
I saw the special drama 「Kyou kara ore wa!!」 last night and it made me want to watch the movie even more...!
It was really funny~~
All the time watching it I was laughing all the time

Grapes from my grandma in Kyushu.

They are so sweet and delicious☺︎︎

Now I'm going to reply to your questions ⸜❤︎⸝‍

◎Do you want to let your hair grow long?

Now I think I'm going to keep my hair up to my shoulders. Maybe I'll go back to the bob style when it gets hot. Depends of my mood☺︎︎

◎Please tell us your favorite fruit! 

N°1: Orange
N°2: Watermelon
N°3: Mango
N°4: Grapes

◎Are there any new-4th-gens who are close to you?

I've talked a lot with Yumiki Nao-chan, and also with Kuromi-chan... we started without honorifics, right?, However, at 46 hr TV she helped me by telling me beforehand that I could talk casual with her ⸜(*ˊᵕˋ* )⸝‬

◎I also love Sakura Gakuin! by the way, who is your favorite, Rei-chan?

It's been a while since that but, Kikuchi Moa and Mizuno Yui (*´ `)♡
Lately I've been thinking that Yoshida Soyoka is cute ♡

◎Tell me the best way to lose weight‪ーーー! ! !

Just get your metabolism up ーーー! ! !
Exercise with moderation, go to bed early, wake up early, and eat proper, nutritious food!
Don't skip any meal! You're definitely going to rebound and become even fatter...!

I've been reading a lot lately, do you have any books you recommend?
I'm reading 「Sono Hi no mae ni」 (Before that day)  now by Shigematsu Kiyoshi.

Do the things you like, talk to the people you love, eat good food, and live a happy life with a warm heart okay~

I'll see you soon

Translator: rororz2

p.s.: at kyo kara ore wa! Wakatsuki's also in the cast and with a decent role, small world, isn't it? 

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