Blog Translation: Hori Miona (July 29th, 2020)

I'd like to see the summer constellations

Good evening ! 

I have the face a bit sad

What are the summer constellations supposed to be?

There are a lot of fireflies in my hometown~
They are beautiful.
I want to see lots of fireflies again.

On the official Twitter of the 2nd photobook,
I just wrote a post about Hori Miona if she were a girlfriend.

Since the background theme of the photobook is "girlfriend(彼女)", I'm planning to upload videos from the boyfriend's point of view.

What would you like to see?
Tell me please^ - ^

※there was too much dog hair on my clothes, that is what the mosaic is for

The potatoes are showing up today~

It's cute that you are reading my blog, Manatsu-san, very smart ^ - ^

She always says "You're looking me down!", 
but she was smiling and laughing next to me the whole time today.
She seemed to be enjoying herself  ^ - ^ lol
She really likes me~ ^-^


Translator: rororz2 

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