Zambi episode 07 (English Subtitles)

Kaede, Hijiri, and Minori encounter familiar faces while seeking help on school grounds, including Moriguchi-san, a reporter that seems to know a lot about Zambi Village, and who proposes a solution to bring the school back to normal.

Contributors :

Translator: Bertowski
QC/TLC: Mr Sakurai
Typesetter: himetanslonelydimple

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  1. Awesome!! Thanks so much for subbing these!!!!

  2. Episode 7 is here, looks like the ending will be unpredictable :D

    Thanks beam!

  3. The hard sub download link went down. Maybe its just temporary.

    Message I am getting

    "Something's not right
    The page you requested is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience, please check back in a few minutes."

  4. Hard sub is still down :(

  5. Cheers Guys very much appriciate

  6. Thank you very much! Your work is much appreciated! お疲れ様です!!!

  7. @Anonymous with the Hardsub issues.

    The download link to the hardsub seems to be fine for me. I tried it a on an Incognito tab, different PC, and a mobile device. They all downloaded the file with no problem.

    Here is the direct link:

    Apart from that, there's not really much else I can do, sorry.

  8. if something happen to asuka next episode, im going to find you and kill you with the most brutal way possible mr moriguchi sann (insert mad emoticon here )


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