Zambi episode 03 (English Subtitles)

Episode 3 of Zambi. Kaede (Asuka) and Hijiri (Yoda) find some clues regarding Zambi, and suspect there may be more victims in the school. Meanwhile, Suzune (Miria) and Yui (Mizuki) have a confrontation of their own, with a surprising outcome.

Contributors :

Translators: Bertowski
QC/TLC: Mr Sakurai
Typesetter: himetanslonelydimple

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  1. Thank you beam!

    the sub is great :)
    Totally love it

    Will looking forward to your next sub

  2. Thanks to Beam! once again :)

  3. Thank you again for subbing this serious. I'm sure the release on Blu-ray/DVD won't be subbed in English. Same has Asahinagu

  4. Thanks for translation this drama. Where can I get the raws?

  5. I don't know why our "Reply" feature isn't working in the comment sections so I'll leave a comment.

    @ Anonymous, Mayonnaise-san, and Mike Read:
    Thank you for the kind words :)

    Our RAW files were encoded from the TS files that were uploaded on Jpopsuki. The "Download" option at the bottom of the post includes that same 1080p RAW, it is muxed into an MKV container with all other files so you get the same unaltered quality raw that we use. I would recommend just downloading our file, or the TS file on Jpopsuki which is 2.6 GB.

  6. Thank you himetanslonelydimple ♥♥

  7. I'm not bored! have a lot of 48/46 drama to catch up on hope it's a good series. thank you!


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