Nogizaka46 - Chikyuu ga Marui nara (English Subtitles)

The cute trio of Saito Asuka, Yoda Yuuki, and Ozono Momoko singing a pleasantly soothing song from the 21st single, "Chikyuu ga Marui nara" (If the Earth is Round)

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Translator, Timer: Hououin Pic

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  1. One on my fav MV, well so easy to listen to, the MV is nice to see, feels so happy when can see asuka with her toys, LOL

    totally like it, Thanks BEAM!

  2. hey beam, do you have any plan to subbing another Nogizaka tv show?

    1. Right now we have a 20-30 minute video in the works but it's not exactly a TV show.

      Besides that we don't have any TV shows in our plans. Maybe once NOGIBINGO!10 comes back on we will take that project like we've done for the past two seasons.


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