Mobame Translation - Sayuri Inoue (October 3rd, 2017)

Translation by: Queenachima
Honestly, while part of me does feel sad about it My feelings of happiness towards Marika are way stronger I congratulated her numerous times as soon as I heard that her graduation had been decided on (* ॑▿ ॑* )⸝わ~ Having had the opportunity to spend my youth alongside her has been great.
From the very beginning, mine and Marika’s goals have been completely different, and we’ve both been focusing on achieving our separate goals more than anything else. It’s always felt somewhat weird that people have been pairing us together even on that front. Though our motivation towards work has always been the same, the roads we want to take lead in opposite directions. It’s exactly because we are completely different that being together has been so fun. It has provided me with perspective. Marika, who can do so many things I can not. When we get older, after overcoming many new obstacles and challenges, it’d be really nice if we could work together again in a different environment~ Or rather, I’m really forward to this!! It’s because I feel so strongly about this That my feelings towards this graduation is completely different compared to when other members left. It actually makes me super glad! Because she’s been supporting me on so many levels throughout the years, it’ll be lonely to know she won’t always be by my side anymore, but it’s not like this is farewell forever. We can totally meet. Actually, she should just move somewhere close to me. Or better yet, we should both move into the same building. That’s how I feel. I’ll continue to rely on her without restraints! ( 灬˙▿˙灬 )!!!!!(Smugface) Let me just point out something that struck my mind as I was reading the blog comments. My feelings towards this job aren’t so half-assed that I’d lose my motivation just because members I’m close to such as Himeka and Marika are leaving the group! There’s still lots of room for me to improve here, and I’m not gonna give up halfway to the finish line. That just wouldn’t sit right. I still need to save more money, and also pay back everyone for their support. ( `・ω・´ ) To put it short My feelings towards my dream are rock solid. Let’s leave it at that(・__・)ノ - Sayu

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