Mobame Translation - Hinako Kitano (October 19, 2017)

Translation by Queenachima

I apologize for missing the 10/28 handshake event in Yokohama.

I’m sure a lot of you are questioning why I’ve been missing so many handshake events starting this summer.

Since I’ve finally mustered the courage, I’ll address it now.

Handshake events are a precious opportunity to talk directly to the fans that support you.
That’s how I always viewed them up until recently, and I’m sure they mean a lot to you too.

But from a certain point in time, the amount people telling me hurtful things kept increasing, and I gradually started losing confidence.
Eventually, just the thought of attending became scary.

It’s because there’s a level of mutual trust that handshake events become as precious as they are, and I don’t like how things have turned out either.
Time and again, I’ve thought about returning, but my fear of coming into direct contact with the fans always wins out.

I know that most of you who come to see me aren’t the type of people I’m referring to
But nonetheless, it’s the reason why things have ended up this way.

I’m really sorry..

Also, let me just point out it makes me very sad to see people spread baseless lies about me as if they were facts.
And how people are actually believing them too.

Since there’s absolutely nothing graspable in these rumours, I figured it might be okay to leave them be, but I chose to deny them now since it might help put some people at ease.

(This is in response to a twitter rumour about how she’s skipping work to go on dates with Chinen from Hey Say Jump)

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  1. I feel for her. Understandably, if I was to attend events only to have people constantly come up and attack me verbally, I wouldn't want to be a part of such events either. Also, I think it's foolish of people to buy into rumors just cause people claim them to be facts. Does nothing but give the person on the tail end of the rumor a bad rep.


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