18th Single "Nogikoi Real" - Nakamoto Himeka (English Subtitles)

Finally, Himetan's Nogikoi video! Himeka being adorable as always. This concludes our Top 5 from the poll, but we do plan to sub a few more (info below), so please look forward to those :)

Updates: The new MV for the Wakasama Gundan is pretty badass so we will be working on that. Also, we will do a few more Nogikoi videos, which for now include Hoshino Minami and Hinachima.

Contributors :
Timer: BlindAstaroth
Translator: Bertowski
Typesetter: himetanslonelydimple
TLC: Yukirin Worlder

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  1. will you translate all the other nogikoi real videos besides Minami's and Hina's?

    1. Most likely not, from here on out we will probably just be translating whatever Nogikoi videos our translators volunteer to translate.

      That was the case for Hinachima and Minami, it was never planned but two separate translators volunteered to do their videos. Misa is still a doubt for now but she was mentioned.

  2. its good to hear it..

    minami is so adorable ♥

    will looking forward to nex release :)

    TQ Beam!


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