New Poll! Help us decide which Nogikoi Real videos to translate!

Vote for your favorite members so we can translate their Nogikoi videos!

You can select multiple options at once, please limit your selections to about the 5 or 7 members that you MOST want to see translated. Please don't select too many, it will affect the results 
One of our translators has time to sub short projects. He will be translating the 5 members with the most votes.
This does not mean we will not translate more in the future, nor does it indicate we will :p 

This is just to know which videos you guys want to see the most so we can work on those first. Feel free to share the poll elsewhere so we can get the Nogizaka community involved :)

You can vote below, or if you prefer a more complete and wider form, here is the direct link:

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  1. choosing one is easy, well i'll choose my oshimen

    but when i must choose more than 3... it'll become difficult

    whoaa never thought a poll to choose around 5-7 from nogi's member is this difficult to do

    but i enjoy it :)

    *PS :
    will you still make sub for nogidoko/koujichuu in the future..

    i thought about the last poll we did, the other episode beside the top3 choices is not being sub, will you sub it.. or just the top3 choices,

    its just made me curious :D

    1. We were only planning to do the #1 choice for the Koujichuu poll.

      We still want to do #3 but Koujichuu episodes are longer and harder to sub so we haven't had the time to work on it because of our other projects.

    2. thank you so much for your reply :D

      yup, its okay. because back then i thought that koujichuu poll, its like "this is the koujichu that we want to sub, which one you'd like to watch it first" kind of poll

      its true, koujichuu will take more time and more effort. while if you dont have much time to spend on it, its better to do other 'short' project first.

      still, thank you so much for providing a good quality of sub,



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