The Final Poll’s Results!

The results for the Nogichuu episode poll are...

3rd place: EP 81 - Nogizaka Number 1 Cool Girl - Make Ayane Smile! with 150 votes!

2nd place: EP 78 - Hashimoto Nanami Explains Her Graduation and 16th Single Campaign In Hokkaido with 155 votes!

And the winner is...

EP 85 - Showcase Members' Other Characters! with 167 votes! 

We have had a file ready for episode 78 in second place. So as of now we can confirm that episode 85 and 78 will be getting translated! !

Thank you to everyone that participated, and we will surely make your participation useful by using this ranking to influence what the Beam Team might sub in the future 

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  1. We was robbed! Although, I can't wait for the Yumi-chan segment of episode 81. Had me laughing even though I had no idea what was being said.

  2. now now now

    this is great

    so happy that everyone has the same thought LOL

    an in th 4th place its hadashi de summer

  3. will you guys continue to sub nogibingo!7? Thank you so much


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