AKB48 SHOW! ep150 (Nogizaka46 SHOW!) English Subtitles

Yet another Nogizaka46 SHOW collaboration with NKM48! This Nogizaka46 takeover includes a Nogizaka46 Police Skit and an "Infiltration Series" report for the live concerts that the talented Under Members took part in! Studio performances this time will be Senbatsu's "Influencer", "Sanbanme no Kaze" by the 3rd Generation, and "Fuusen wa Ikiteiru" by the Under Members.

Both fansubs will release with the same links, but we'll leave a link to NKM's site in case you guys want to pay them a visit and show some appreciation!  

Contributors :
Translation: Quini, Queenachima
Timing & Typesetting: Plagoz
QC: Makarin
Lyrics: Kanjo
Encode: himetanslonelydimple

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  1. thank you so much BEAM

    finally there a sub for this :)

    looking forward to next release


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