NOGIBINGO!7 episode 03 (English Subtitles)

Another Bingo!7 episode from us! This time it's Nogizaka46's Dream Couple Tournament! In this episode, 4 lucky danso characters will get the opportunity to be chosen by the beautiful Nogizaka members and form a couple. But first, they must prove themselves worthy of the girls by answering or demonstrating certain requests that the members have for them!  

Contributors :
Timer: Hououin Pic
Translators: GES, Yukirin Worlder
Typesetter: himetanslonelydimple
TLC, QC: Bertowski

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  1. thank you so much

    looking forward to your next project.

    maybe nogibingo 6, because there still some episode without sub yet.
    like episode 7, 9 ,12

    1. We would have to talk to IKUDON about that since I know they had plans to sub Bingo!6. Even if we had the time, I don't think we would sub them very frequently though because we're working on starting a special project very soon ;)

      - himetanslonelydimple

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    3. well well well

      what a happy news :)

      if so, then i'll be looking forward to your next project as always :D

  2. One of my favorite episodes. Thanks for the subs!


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